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Superpro Contracting is an authorized GAF installer for the Weather Stopper roofing system...

The system consists of the highest quality products to provide unsurpassed protection and durability.

A leak barrier and roof deck protection are layed for a water-tite foundation.  Your choice in premium asphalt shingles is then installed.  Proper attic ventilation and ridge cap shingles finish the system.

The Weather Stopper System The Weather Stopper® Integrated Roofing System™ features:
Quality Components... from North America's largest roofing manufacturer
Proven Performance... on literally millions of homes nationwide
System Compatibility... all components are designed to work together for superior, long-term protection
Peace Of Mind...
even carries the Good Housekeeping Seal—your assurance of superior quality

Low slope and flat roof areas are finished with a quality membrane.

Discuss Skylights and Siding options with your Superpro representative.

 Leak Barrier

Leak Barrier House A Quality Leak Barrier Will Help:
  • Create a 100% watertight seal that keeps water out at the most vulnerable areas of your roof (at the eaves and rakes, in valleys, around chimneys, etc.)

  • Protect your home by preventing costly repairs due to wall or ceiling staining

  • Prevent leaks due to water damming in your gutters, wind-driven rain and, in the North, damaging ice dams

Protect Your Home From Wind-Driven Rain And Damaging Ice Dams With A Waterproof Leak Barrier

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 Roof Deck Protection

Roof Deck Protection House Superior Quality Roof Deck Protection Can Protect And Beautify At The Same Time! Quality roof deck protection:
  • Prevents wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure or the inside of your home

  • Provides an extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck

  • Lays flatter and will not buckle when installed

  • Helps reduce blow-off by allow your shingles to lay flat and uniform

Avoid A Buckled, Bumpy- Looking Roof And Reduce Blow-Off With Quality Roof Deck Protection

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 Attic Ventilation

Proper Attic Ventilation: Illustration

Heat & Moisture in your house
from the kitchen and bath

Ridge vent reduces heat and moisture
in your attic

A properly ventilated attic can help reduce the load on your air conditioner by moving the superheated air out of your attic before it builds up and causes damage.

Types of damage that can result include:
• Premature aging of your roofing system (“fried” shingles)
• Warping, cracking, or breaking down of wood framing
• Damage to siding, exterior or interior paint, and wallpaper
• Higher energy costs


Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continuous flow of outside air through the attic (see illustration at left), protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space.  It consists of a balance between air intake (at your eaves or soffits) and air exhaust (at or near your roof ridge). Additional structural damage can include:
• Roof deck warping and rotting of the wood frame
• Mildew growth
• Buckling of shingles and felt

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 Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge Cap Shingles House

A Distinctive Ridge Cap Shingle Will:
  • Accentuate the natural beauty of your newly installed architectural shingle roof (or even add dimension and depth to a strip shingle roof)
  • Insure multi-layer protection at the highest-stress areas of your roof
    (the hips and ridges)
  • Provide a striking and higher quality alternative to using cut-up strip shingles as your ridge cap

The Perfect Finishing Touch For Your New Roof Should Be A Distinctive Ridge Cap Shingle

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 Quality ( Flat Roof ) Membranes

Liberty Membrane A quality membrane roofing system will provide long-lasting protection for the
low-slope areas of your home (e.g., porches, garages, car ports, sun rooms, etc.) without the danger or hassles associated with conventional roofing products. Liberty™ and Freedom™EZ systems are safer because they are applied without torches, open flames, hot asphalt, or messy solvent-based adhesives. Unlike traditional roofing systems, they can be installed easily and quickly by a small roofing crew and without the hassles of bulky equipment or unpleasant odors.
Protect Your Home From Fire And Damage
With A Quality Membrane Roofing System

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